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Product and pricing information labels

Variable data tickets and labels are used to communicate critical information throughout the supply chain process as a product makes its way from production through to store.


1. Accurate Data Management

AFRA is an industry leader in the integration and translation of customer variable data requirements both in terms of hosting and sharing information as well as converting it into finished product on a global basis.

2. Online Ordering Platform

AFRA’s proprietary leading online ordering platform used and loved by all our clients. It allows you to easily order online/order excel and automatically interact with our worldwide production sites.

3. Choice

We offer a wide range of variable data products, including adhesive stickers, care labels, tickets, barcode solutions, box-end labelling, transit labelling, variable data heat transfers and more.


RFID tags are perhaps the ultimate variable data vehicles already, but when used in combination with a ticket or sticker which also carries variable data, the package forms a complete solution for providing both physical and electronic information to the user.