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AFRA LABEL INTERNATIONAL LTD is a leading supplier of identity branding items such as labels, hang tags, badges, care & content labels, RFID, thermal sticker, resin ribbon & packaging solutions. We provide innovative designs, delivered on time, as a result of our effective and high-quality production and logistic solutions. By a continuously strive to offer the best possible conditions and opportunities for our customers around the globe, we ensure they can continue their creative process without worrying their supply chain will suffer compromise in control, quality and timeline management.


Corporate sustainability plays a vital role in driving us forward as we work towards a vision to transform AFRA LABEL INTERNATIONAL LTD into the leading sustainable garment accessories supplier. We strictly adhere to global standards and international best practices to ensure quality and the safety of our people. Our production units participate in the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, BSCI, ISO 9001-2015 and so on audits and guidance to ensure compliance in line with the global leading standards.


To be the most innovative service-oriented company in our industry. Constantly striving for better performance and pushing boundaries to the next level.


To play an active prominent role in the brand apparel packaging industry from a local and global perspective, by providing our clients with outstanding customer service, great products and innovative cost saving solutions.


We are people company, who shows passion for customers through creativity, responsibility, teamwork and expertise uniformity, production know-how and personal approach.


We aim to provide one-stop-shop service to cater for customer’s labelling needs. Our R&D constantly explore new materials and innovative production technology to cater for specific demand.


Company stands by its Core Values passionately and strives to constantly innovate and improve our processes throughout ALL departments. Our Passion for Customers Demands Excellence and Creativity from our Staff who take the Responsibility for your Orders and fulfil them through the production facility through effective Teamwork!