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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is one of the best solutions to increase efficiency across the supply chain, reducing costs and saving time thanks to the automation of processes.

RFID tags enable you to monitor every single transaction from the point of manufacturing to inventory management and, finally, to the point of sale and exit or even beyond. The wireless technology reduces the need for line-of-sight identification and increases reliable and shared stock data through central data monitoring.

Solutions built to provide real value to clients throughout the supply chain.

AFRA’s supply chain solutions promote cost savings and collaboration through transparency, efficiency and data-driven performance. Our strategic and systematic approach allows clients to benefit from a variety of program-level opportunities designed to reduce cycle times and optimize supply chains from manufacturing to point of sale.

Item Level RFID Solutions

Our solution set for implementation across the entire value chain makes AFRA your partner of choice for an RFID program, from pilot to full-scale implementation. AFRA’s RFID solutions seamlessly integrate all the elements needed from hardware to custom converted labels and tags delivering RFID technology to the retail supply chain.

Data Management Solution

AFRA has developed a proprietary web-based data management solution to manage data intensive programs such as item-level RFID, order and inventory management and variable data ticketing.

Retail Services

AFRA’s Retail Services serves as a complete portfolio for manufacturers, distribution centers and retail store locations.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

AFRA’s EAS solutions are designed to meet the requirements of a variety of retailers from mass merchandisers to specialty stores to department stores to big box retail.