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Gain consistency, flexibility and cost savings by leveraging the entire AFRA solution set.


AFRA’s graphic solutions take the guess work out of designing for print. Our experienced designers are well versed in manufacturing and have the know-how to deliver innovative solutions that save time and costs. When choosing AFRA as their packaging partner, clients can be assured what they approve in the design stage will be executed as expected.
    • Competitive Costs and Opportunities
    • Single Source for All Packaging Needs
    • Designs and Concepts Based on Market Trends
    • Graphic Production Based on Specifications
    • Brand and Packaging Guidelines
    • Planograms in 3D
    • Full color mock-ups
    • Brand trend analysis


Delivering consistency through standards.

Prepress Treatments: 

Our highly experienced technicians use the most advanced software and techniques to ensure accurate reproductions of your digital file. Taking into account the capability and behavior of the press the artwork will be printed on, our technicians develop the optimal ink separations and apply necessary adjustments to graphic elements to deliver outstanding results on press.

Color Management:

A fundamental key to building brand equity is successfully reproducing the same color(s) consistently to make that connection with the consumer. AFRA understands consumer products do not sell with poorly printed packaging. 

With close to three decades of global manufacturing experience, AFRA’s prepress and production teams can work with you to develop and define specifications and accepted tolerances for your brand colors. Once approved, color standards and production data is stored and maintained in our online database for reference. 

AFRA Employs industry-leading color management tools including Pantone/Xrite color solutions and computer-to-plate technology, and we are flexible in our processes to meet brand owner specific requirements. 

Our foundation is built on having quality control procedures, throughout the artwork’s life cycle, to ensure accurate reproduction and consistent packaging and trims on shelf.